Control Valve Selection Help

Selecting the correct Control Valve for a particular application requires a systematic approach. Understanding the process loop will assure the proper selection of the control valve. Following a step-by-step approach will make the task of choosing a control valve more manageable.

In some cases, more than one valve will be acceptable. The final choice may depend on pricing or your specific preferences. If you are replacing existing equipment, please refer to the make model and serial number on the valve and send the inquiry to us at where we will ensure your replacement is 'like for like' and at the best possible cost.

During the selection process, several factors must be considered separately, permitting us to break the work down into smaller steps:

  • Materials of construction
  • Characteristics
  • Size
  • Actuator action/size
  • Accessory equipment

For more help selecting your Control Valve then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can assist you in buying the correct items for your application.

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